Colorbar Gentle Exfoliating & Skin Balancing Serum (30ml)

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  • Glowing & Smooth Skin
  • Exfoliates & Hydrates
  • Retains moisture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Actives from Europe
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Lactic acid and HA serum is a gentle superficial exfoliating solution that easily sinks into the skin to reveal a radiant, clear, smooth and a hydrated skin. This serum dissolves the dead skin cells and acts as a skin texture correcting agent. Thus helps to improve overall skin texture by regulating pore size irregularity. This exfoliating serum also helps in improving the tone and the texture of the skin with the added benefits of reducing the appearance of pigmentation and fine lines.


Put 4-5 oil drops on your fingertips and gently smooth the facial serum in a slanting outward direction, from nose to ears, eyebrows to hairline & to the neck jawline after cleansing. Allow 1-2 minutes before layering with other serums or moisturizers.

Apply few drops every morning and before bed for extra hydration and rejuvenation. Use AM and PM. Patch test recommended.



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