Colorbar Pro Facial Peeling Serum with AHA & BHA 30 ml


About This Product

  • Glowing & Smooth Skin
  • Exfoliates & Hydrates
  • Retains moisture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Actives from Europe


25% AHA + 2% BHA + 3% PHA Peeling serum enriched with Beetroot extract is a blend of powerful yet gentle exfoliators which together provide at home facial experience for healthy blemish-free glowing skin. A Carefully formulated combination of 25% AHA + 2% BHA + 3% PHA provides multi-level exfoliation both at the topmost surface as well as in the deeper layers to clear pore congestion, remove dead skin cells, improve skin texture and reveal a glowing plump smooth skin. It offers gentle exfoliation and restores your natural radiance so you can enjoy renewed and refreshed skin.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic and Lactic Acid ) : AHAs are known for surface exfoliation of the skin which gently peels away dead skin cells and promotes skin cell turnover to help reveal smoother, brighter, more supple skin with less pigmentation and fewer irregularities. It also helps smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.

Beta Hydroxy Acids (Salicylic Acid) : BHAs are known for pore-exfoliating abilities. They regulate sebum production and eliminate stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. BHAs penetrate deep into the pores to help treat active acne and provide clear skin.

Poly Hydroxy Acids (Gluconolactone) : PHAs are gentle exfoliators as well as humectants which help retain moisture while exfoliating. These gentle acids have larger molecular sizes which penetrate slowly into the skin offering less irritation. PHAs help Improve skin texture and tone and keeps the skin hydrated.


Put 4-5 oil drops on your fingertips and gently smooth the facial serum in a slanting outward direction, from nose to ears, eyebrows to hairline & to the neck jawline after cleansing. Allow 1-2 minutes before layering with other serums or moisturizers.

Apply few drops every morning and before bed for extra hydration and rejuvenation. Use AM and PM. Patch test recommended. “



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