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Colorbar USA Showstopper Eyelash Curler


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  • The perfect pinch proof lash curler for easy curls everytime
  • The cushiony grip handles are designed for total comfort without any painful tugging
  • The curvy angle of the curler suits all eye shapes and the spunky fuschia silicone pad delivers perfect pressure without lash crimping
  • How to use: Fully open curler, insert lashes and center them. With eyes open wide and pad positioned at the base of lash line, squeeze the handles gently but firmly. Repeat to create a soft sweeping curves, moving up to lash tips. Apply mascara
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Get the curl of false lashes without the hassle – our Showstopper Eyelash Curler is your go-to essential for a dramatic curl every time. Its handles are designed with a cushioned grip to give you total comfort, while its fuschia silicon pad delivers just the right amount of pressure to curl your lashes without crimping. Its curvy angle is designed to serve a wide range of eye shapes and sizes.

What It Is
A pinch proof lash curler that ensures flawless curls everytime.

What It Does
Get easy curls with this handy eyelash curler. The grip handles come with cushions for comfort that prevent painful tugging. The curler is designed with a curvy angle to suit all eye shapes and the fuscia silicone pad offers perfect pressure to the lashes without making them crimp.


Separate the grips of the curler, and insert your lashes. With the curve of the fuschia pad placed firmly against the base of your lash line, squeeze the handles gently. Use the curler on clean, dry lashes; using it with mascara could lead to tugging and breaking.

The pros have revealed their secret: warm your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a few seconds to amplify its curling action.



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