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Faces Canada Color Me Up Lip & Cheek Tint


About This Product

1. Super Lightweight: The FACESCANADA Lip and Cheek Tint comes with a featherlight texture, that makes it extremely comfortable to carry.
2. Daily dose of glamour: The smooth finish and creamy texture certainly make it one of the most comfortable tints to wear on a daily wear basis.
3. High Payoff: The tint is loaded with pigments. With just a light touch pick up substantial product and you will see how easily it blends into your skin.
4. Loaded with Natural Ingredients: Infused with the unique power of Pomegranate Seed oil, this tint will be a mild protector of your skin from UV rays. It helps to make the skin smooth and firm.
5. Natural-looking shades: The tint comes in 5 versatile shades that look absolutely natural on application. There is a shade for every mood and personality.


Introducing the FACESCANADA Lip and Cheek Tint, a featherlight weightless tint for your lips and cheeks! Add a subtle hint of glamour to your everyday looks and party nights with this super smooth and creamy tint. Touch a finger and easily pick up the FACESCANADA Lip and Cheek Tint as it colors you up with its high payoff. Be hassle-free as it easily blends into your skin making you look like a diva naturally and instantly. You call the shots on the coverage as this tint comes with buildable coverage and color. This everyday use tint is meant to give you a natural finish so that you look the best version of yourself. Infused with the unique natural ingredients, it is completely safe and intensely nourishing for the skin and lips.

The powerful Pomegranate Seed oil in the tint will be a mild protector of your skin from UV rays. And it does not stop there. See your skin and lips transform and become smooth and firm as you dab a little dose of this tint. Life is too short to be devoid of colors. Color yourself up with the FACESCANADA Lip and Cheek Tint! Choose from a range of carefully curated 5 natural colors to suit your mood and personality. There is a tint for each one of you.


1. Take a small quantity of the FACESCANADA Lip and Cheek Tint on your finger.
2. Gently apply on your cheeks.
3. Follow it with gently applying on your lips. Buildas you go to achieve the desired color.
4. Dab in circular motion on your cheek and lips.



Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.3 × 4.5 cm
Color Shade

Berry Pick 04, Blush Rose 01, Nude Vibes 03, Red Flush 02, Rust Brown 05


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