Faces Canada Urban Glow Clarifying Creamy Foaming Cleanser



  • Clarifying foam-based cleanser that deeply cleanses and reduces dark spots
  • Enriched with wild pansey, meadowsweet extract, peas and glycerin
  • Wild Pansey’s anti-inflammatory benefits help soothe skin dryness and redness
  • Meadowsweet antioxidant properties stunt skin ageing and helps reduce dark spots
  • Peas, which is rich in antioxidants, extends a natural looking glow to the skin
  • Infused with glycerine for a soft and supple skin
  • All products from this range are paraben and cruelty-free
  • Developed in Sweden

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Skin radiation, rejuvenation and hydration, all-in-one! The Urban Glow Clarifying Creamy Foaming Cleanser rejuvenates your skin and gives it an instant radiance boost. The keratolytic properties of the meadowsweet extract leaves your skin soft, supple and glowing. With deep hydration and cleansing it stands guard against damage and reduces dark spots. The white pansey extract soothes the skin and evens out the skin tone.

About the Brand: FACES Cosmetics, with a proud Canadian heritage spanning over 40 years, offers unparalleled variety in its makeup and skincare products, which are designed to suit every ethnicity, skin type and tone, complexion and texture. Not tested on animals, FACES products are hypoallergenic and conform to the most stringent quality and safety requirements. The extensive assortment of shades and formulations helps the FACES consumers capture every look and style, right from casual to professional to glamorous.

About the Faces Canada Urban Glow Range: In today’s world, we are amid numerous unavoidable environmental impurities like dirt, pollution and harmful UV rays. In addition to these, a busy lifestyle, leads to improper cleansing of skin, ultimately leading to dead skin accumulation and hyperpigmentation. Faces Canada, has brought together the power of nature and science and coined a range of skin brightening products. An answer to all your skin worries! Defend your skin against ageing and pigmentation with the Urban Glow Range that includes – a clarifying creamy foaming cleanser, a skin brightening day cream with SPF 20 and a dark spots reducing night cream.


About the packaging :

  • Urban Glow Day cream and Night cream come in an easy to use attractive glass jars.
  • Urban Glow Cleanser comes in easy to use tube packaging. Flip top cap allows convenience of usage.
  • The products are packed in an attractive mono carton giving the range a premium look.



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