Garnier Charcoal Serum Sheet Mask 28g


Detoxify your skin in only 15 minutes with the purifying Garnier Charcoal Face Mask. The charcoal face mask works effectively to help remove facial impurities, toxins, and blemishes while reducing the size of your pores and firming up your face.

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Use the Garnier Charcoal mask if you have dull skin with clogged and enlarged pores. It is enriched with Charcoal, known for its ability to draw out impurities. The highly potent serum in this Garnier sheet mask also contains Black Algae Extracts to intensely hydrate and purify your skin while also firming up your face. Garnier Charcoal Serum Mask is a breakthrough black tissue mask technology that offers double purifying and hydrating efficacy. The serum sheet mask has been dermatologically tested and suits all skin types.

HOW TO USE:-Unfold the mask. Apply on clean face with blue protective film facing outwards. Remove the blue film. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face. Leave it on for 15mins. Remove mask and gently massage your face with the excess serum.



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Weight .28 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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