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Good Vibes Aqua & Sea Mineral Hydration Booster Face Scrub (50 g)


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About This Product

SEA THE DIFFERENCE: Loaded with anti-aging benefits, it improves your skin’s elasticity and helps renew your youthful glory.
DIVE INTO AQUA GOODNESS: By retaining moisture levels, it aids in rebalancing your skin’s pH levels and adds touchable smoothness.
TONE UP THE HYDRATION: Drenched with super hydrating ingredients, your dry skin will savour the dose of extra hydrating love.
FRESH, GLOWING SKIN: Hydrated skin equals happy skin. With a radiant glow, you’ll feel fresh and energized all day and night.

BEST FOR: Dry skin, Rough skin, Dull skin.


The gel-based formulation tides over dryness giving you a thorough boost of hydration. When the exfoliating properties of Sea Minerals grace your skin, they ensure dirt and impurities are swept far away. Welcome a radiant supple glow every time you use this scrub.


Exfoliates gentley
Removes blackheads, whiteheads, dirt & dullness
Has 4X hydra booster
Restores skin texture
Makes skin supple & smooth


1. Take a small amount of scrub on damp skin.
2. Massage in a circular motion.
3. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.


Good Vibes


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