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Good Vibes Bakuchiol Age Defying Night Gel 45g


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About This Product

HELLO FRESH-FACED BEAUTY: Break free from the clasps of age and time, and bring back your youthful glory, with this Bakuchiol infused gel.

BLOOMING WITH YOUTHFULNESS: Nature’s Retinol, Bakuchiol is known to reverse signs of aging, reduce pigmentation and spots and give you glowing radiance.

SMOOTHER, MATTE COMPLEXION: By restricting excess oil production, this lightweight gel does weigh your skin down and keeps it fresh and matte.

SLIP INTO A DREAMY SENSATION: The soothing gel texture, lovingly seeps into your skin transporting your senses into a blissful paradise.

BEST FOR : Dark Spots ,Oily Skin ,Pigmentation.


The Bakuchiol Age-Defying Night Gel brings instant nourishment to your skin with its ultra-light and gentle gel “like texture that gives you hydrated skin. Feed your skin with the goodness of Natural extracts such as Lemon, Thanaka, Benkoang, Papaya and Pomegranate that leaves skin soft and supple. This sensational gel is uniquely blended with Bakuchiol that nourishes and rejuvenates your skin appearance.


1. Controls sebum
2. Fades age spots
3. Diminishes wrinkles


Scoop out the gel and massage on to cleansed face with upward and outward strokes. Use before bed time.



Good Vibes

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Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 3 cm


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