Good Vibes Rosehip Hydrating Glow Face Wash 100ml


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  • SHINE BRIGHT WITH NEW, YOUTHFUL SKIN: Antioxidant-rich Rosehip gives the skin a youthful look as it softens the skin and lends a smooth texture. It also contains essential fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acid, which locks in moisture and keeps the skin well-hydrated. Thus, preventing dry skin and signs of ageing, giving your skin a new youthful look
  • EVENLY TONED AND CLEAR SKIN: Rosehip is rich in Vitamin C, which tones and clears the skin leaving it bright and radiant. Rosehip also helps rid the skin of impurities and gives you a refreshed look while controling sebum production on the other hand and reduces acne.
  • FEEL BRIGHT AND REFRESHED: Rosehip has antioxidants and other wholesome benefits which help the skin feel refreshed. It clears the skin of impurities and leaves it shining bright.
  • SKIN TYPE: Good Vibes Rosehip Face Wash is suitable for all skin types. This product is not tested on animals and contains no parabens and mineral oils.



Take out the required amount of Face Wash. On a damp face, massage it gently. Rinse with water and pat dry.




Good Vibes

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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 4.5 × 3.5 cm



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