GUBB USA Body Scrub Bath Exfoliating Brush with Long Handle (Red)



  • Long-handled bath brush that reaches all your body parts
  • Helps exfoliate dead skin cells leaving behind a smooth skin
  • Enhances blood circulation by working like a massager
  • Helps maintain better hygiene
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GUBB USA Bath Brush with long handle (15 inches) can effectively clean your body with its long handle that reach even your middle back, hamstrings and every other non-accessible body parts. It helps eliminate the dead skin cells and makes your skin soft and smooth. It has gentle bristles made of natural nylon, making it totally safe to use. A must-have bath accessory, this brush will help you maintain better hygiene. Use it as an adjunct with your bathing products such as body wash to accentuate your skin’s glow. It works brilliantly as a massager too.

About the Brand: Dr. Morepen, a subsidiary of Morepen and a fast growing company in OTC and Diagnostics, introduces GUBB USA, an international establishment of grooming range products that are specially designed to groom and enhance your daily beauty looks. GUBB USA features a broad category of everyday grooming tools and accessories for all your beauty and skin care needs.



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Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15.5 × 8 cm


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