Lakme Sun Expert Gel Light Sunscreen SPF 50+++


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  • PROTECTS SKIN: Lakme sunscreen is a specially formulated sun screen protector for women that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It has been designed to shield the skin from harmful rays that cause skin damage, ageing, sunburn, and skin cancer.
  • PREVENTS SKIN DAMAGE: Sunscreen for men is an advanced product that offers a range of benefits for your skin. One of the key benefits of the sun screen protector for men is its ability to prevent sunburn, dark spots, and premature ageing caused by exposure to harmful sun rays.
  • MOISTURISES THE SKIN: Regular use of Lakme sun screen protector for women can help keep the skin youthful and radiant. The moisturizing properties of sunscreen for men can help to prevent the skin from becoming dry and dull, and the ingredients can give the skin a healthy glow.
  • PREVENTS TAN LINES: Lakme sunscreen with SPF 50 has been formulated to provide effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, which are the main causes of tan lines. The sunscreen for oily skin offers protection against UVB rays that cause sunburn, which can lead to the development of tan lines.
  • LIGHTENS SKIN TONE: The Lakme sunscreen with SPF 50+ is formulated with natural ingredients that work to brighten and lighten the skin tone on regular use. The ingredients in Lakme sunscreen help to reduce the production of melanin on the skin, which is responsible for darkening.
  • GIVES COOLING EFFECT: The sun screen protector SPF 50 contains menthol, a natural ingredient that has a cooling and soothing feel on the skin. When applied, the menthol in the sunscreen for men creates a cooling sensation on the skin, which can be especially refreshing on a hot day.






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