LENPHOR Gel Finish Nail Tint


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  • ‘Touch It’ nail polish is to the nails, what icing is to a cake. A little glossy finishing touch that elevates a beauty of simplistic nature into an object of desire
  • Just apply thin coats of silver linings to witness real lacquer magic unfold before you
  • Embellishes and protects the nail plates of your fingers and toes
  • Absolutely no presence of paraben or paraffin, Cruelty-free product for a guilt-free beauty experience


Lenphor Gel Nail Tints (nail lacquer) are destined to embellish and protect the nail plates of your fingers and toes. Just apply thin coats of your favorite shade and witness real lacquer magic unfold before you. Gel nail tints are often confused with crème versions. However, gel finish stays put for longer hours compared to any of its other counterparts. They are less prone to scratching or chipping issues.

Lenphor Nail TintsLenphor Nail TintsLenphor Nail Tints

Lenphor Nail Tints



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Color Shade

Alabaster 32, Americano 44, Angel's Blue, Baby Blue, Bliss Me, Blood Stain, Bloody Cherry, Bluemistan, Bubblegum Pink, Cerulean, Cinnamon, Clear Snow, Crazy In Love, Creme Caramel, Deep Dream, Devils Grey, Drama Queen, Drunken Pink, Emerald You, Finish Lime, Giggley Grey, Gragreen, Greeco Mood, Greenoco, Jade Nature, Knock Please, La Nature, Lilac Tingle, Love Me, Mango Tango, Mint Me, Miss Mulberry, Moon Light, Mr. Flamingo, Muddy Chocolate, Muddy Lady, Nude Seduction, Only Yours, Orange Bar, Pastel Mauve, Pastel Pista, Peach Me, Pink Love 29, Princess Pink, Purple Drama, Roseate Glee, Rusty Ruby, Saffron Babe, Solid Dreams, Spacious Stone


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