L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer Eyeliner, Waterproof, 6ml


  • Sponge tip: For the creation of fine lines or thick, dramatic flicks
  • Ophthalmologically tested: Suitable for sensitive eyes an contact lens wearers
  • Long lasting: Stays looking intense without smudging

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Product description

Colour:Black Lacquer

Product Description

L’Oreal Super Liner, Black Lacquer L’Oreal Super Liner is an amazing lacquer which is very easy to use.This is smudge proof and water proof eyeliner which stays on for a long time and defines your eyes beautifully. Features: Water proof Smudge proof Long lasting eye liner Defines your eyes.

From the Manufacturer

The Black Lacquer Super liner from L’Oreal is designed to help women easily and quickly apply liquid eyeliner without worrying about smudging or leaking.

This black eyeliner comes with a unique sponge tip. The applicator has been created with a handle that is easy to hold and grip, and the tip has a felt pen feel. Even women with shaky hands will be able to fully control the tip and apply a smooth, neat line with this design. The sponge tip allows you to choose between a fine line, a thick winged effect, or anything in between.

The liner fluid itself is intensely black. It starts out as a shiny glossy line, and dries quickly and effectively, turning to more of a matte finish in the process. It is formulated to be smudge proof, so it can even be used on oily skin without the worry of it running. The liner is long lasting, and will not fade for hours after application. Even when it needs to be removed, it peels off instead of becoming patchy and staining the skin. L’Oreal’s eyeliners are all dermatologically tested and do not cause allergies or sting the eyes, even when it is used on the waterline. There is no need to apply primer before applying this liner, and a single stroke is enough to apply it.

For best results, apply the liner on clean skin starting from the inner corner of your upper lid, and draw it in smooth line to the outer corner. If you are going for winged edges, draw the wings first, then draw the line and finish by filling in the wing.

Product Features

The liner comes with a unique sponge tip applicator. The liner fluid is smudge proof. It dries quickly and is easy to apply. It can be used on any skin type.

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