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L’Oreal Professional Chroma Creme Green Dyes Series Expert Shampoo (300ml)


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Chroma Crème is a trio of neutralizing cream shampoos that provide instant color correction tailored to all hair colors, with intense care.
Freshly colored hair contains a mix of primary color dyes.
After a few washes, some of the dyes fades. Warm reflects such as yellow, orange or red reappear.
As green neutralize red reflects, choose Green Chroma Crème for blondes to platinum blondes.
Also available in 500ml.

The Chroma Crème Shampoo Green Dyes by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris neutralises unwanted red undertones on dark brown to black hair. Green pigments provide incredible shine with cool nuances. Co-emulsion technology nourishes the hair without causing any heaviness. For hair that is refreshed, shiny and supple to the touch.

After a few washes, some of the dyes vanish. Warm reflections such as yellow, orange or red tend to reappear

Provides maximum care, with ten times smaller care agents, targeting the most damaged and porous areas of the hair.
It also guarantees 3 times more shine.

The rich creamy and foamy texture ensures a unique experience.
Use the purple Chroma Crème shampoo alternating with your normal shampoo and adjust the shutter speed according to the desired degree of neutralization.


  • Apply evenly to wet hair and emulsify to cleanse.
  • Leave it on for at least 2 minutes depending on the desired neutralisation level.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Alternate between Chroma Crème Shampoo and a regular shampoo.


L'Oreal Professional

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