Minimalist 10% Vitamin B5 Gel Face Moisturizer 50g


About This Product

  • Oil free face moisturiser for smooth and soft skin
  • 10% vitamin B5 boosts hydration and promotes faster skin healing
  • The formulation is completely oil free with anti inflammatory and hydrating properties
  • Formulated with ingredients sourced from BASF, Germany, a leading global supplier
  • Free of sulfate, oil, fragrance, parabens, silicone and essential oil
  • Suits combination, acne prone and oily skin type


Minimalist 10% Vitamin B5 Oil Free Moisturizer is an everyday face moisturizer for oily skin with vitamin B5 which nourishes skin and reduces transepidermal water loss. It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated without the oily feel. This oil-free moisturizer also contains, copper, responsible for specific aspects of cellular metabolism functions, protein synthesis, cell division and cellular repair, which makes it effective for aging skin, Zinc, that reduces acne owing to its antibacterial properties and Magnesium which helps the skin maintain healthy levels of fatty acids by regulating the production of sebum.


Use AM or PM as a moisturizing cream. Use after cleansing, toning and applying all serums. Take sufficient quantity of product and massage into face until it is fully absorbed.




Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 4 cm


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