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NIVEA Soft, Light Moisturising Cream, 200ml


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  • Discover a soft skin feeling
  • With its gorgeously creamy shower creme that contains caring
  • Almond oil and has a mild fragrance
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Greasy heavy body lotions during the hot summers leave your skin feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. But now, there’s an ultra-light body lotion that protects you from sun damage and gently moisturizes your skin. NIVEA UV Protection Body Lotion’s light and non-greasy formula makes it perfect for the summer. Step out into the sun, without worrying about sun damage because NIVEA UV Protection Body Lotion nourishes skin during your time out of home! Its UVA and UVB filters protect you from the sun’s harmful rays that cause skin darkening and ageing. For best results, apply a coin-sized amount of the lotion onto dry skin after a shower. The NIVEA UV Protection Body Lotion is free of animal derived ingredients and colourants. It is dermatologically approved and suitable for all skin types. Highly effective, intensive moisturizing cream. Quickly absorbs and refreshes the skin. Leaves your skin soft and supple. For everyday use. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.



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