Organic Harvest Vitamin A Youthful Glow Face Toner With Saffron & Oat Milk 100ml

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About This Product

  • CLEANSES LAST TRACE OF DIRT: The job of a toner is to remove the dirt or makeup particles that are left on the skin even after using a face wash. Organic Harvest toner for dry skin ensures the removal of all sorts of dirt, grime, and impurities for cleaner pores.
  • MINIMIZES PORES: The properties embodied in Vitamin A are essentially restored in this toner. It helps people with larger pores to minimize their appearance. With shrunken pores, the possibility of dirt clogging them is also minimal.
  • MAINTAINS pH LEVEL: Human facial skin is mildly on the acidic side of the pH scale. However, this harmony is disrupted sometimes because of a face wash or other factors. Organic Harvest face toner for dry skin helps restore the natural pH balance of the skin.
  • IMPARTS FRESHNESS: Facial skin shows the first sign of fatigue and dullness. To combat this, you need something that imparts freshness and makes your skin look youthful. That is exactly what a single spray of this Vitamin A toner does.
  • PROVIDES NUTRIENTS: The formula of this toner has been structured keeping in mind the nutrients that are necessary for our face.


Face toner is one of the most crucial steps of an ideal skincare routine. Not using a toner can leave your face with the last trace of contaminants that can later pop up as acne, which isnt desirable. Organic Harvest face toner for dry skin steps in to make your skincare a success by ensuring your face is squeaky clean. Not only this, as a powerful formula, it also helps in shrinking pores, not letting any pollutants enter the layers of your skin.

Additionally, it also helps keep the pH level in check while rejuvenating your facial skin. At Organic Harvest, we constantly reaffirm our faith in the supreme healer, nature. We believe that no wellness problem can remain unsolved by the goodness of nature. Hence, all our products are a first hand derivative of plants. They do not feature mineral oils, harsh chemicals, parabens, sulphate, stimulants, etc.




Alcohol Free Formulation

The best part about this toner for dry skin by Organic Harvest is that it does not feature alcohol that further dries the skin.

Goodness of Nature

A powerful combination of Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, and Broccoli is unique and features the best natural resources for dry and aging skin.

Unclogs Pores

It seeps deep within the pores as a lightweight formula to cleanse it off contaminants, like dirt, grime, oil, makeup, etc.

Features of Vitamin A Face Toner

  • Cleanses Last Trace Of Dirt
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Maintains Ph Level
  • Imparts Freshness
  • 100% Organic



Take a cotton pad.

Step 2

Spritz the toner on the pad and cleanse your face and neck.

Step 3

If preferable, directly spray the toner on a pat dry face.



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