Passion Indulge Vetiver Pure Essential Oil


Passion Indulge Vetiver pure essential oil is earthy, musty smelling oil. It helps reduce wrinkles & stretch marks and moisturizes skin. It is also used for joints and muscular pain.

  • It helps reduce stretch marks
  • Relieves muscular pain
  • Free from Color, Petrolatum, Paraben & Harmful Chemicals

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Vetiver oil is extracted from dried and soaked roots and rootlets of vetiver grass, also known as khus. It has an earthy, musty smell – much like the smell of a damp forest floor.This essential oil has a wonderful effect on the mind and body and it helps relieve irritability and anger. Vetiver oil has a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system and helps relieve insomnia. It has a healing effect on the skin, and it is used to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks while nourishing and moisturizing the skin and enhancing the healing of wounds.It revitalizes the body and helps in mental and physical exhaustion and is also used for aches and pains, especially for joints and muscular pain.



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