Renee Cosmetics Sucker Oil Pulling Stick (5 g)

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About This Product

  • Instant Mattifying and Smoothing: Experience this roll-on stick instantly mattifies and smoothens your skin texture, creating a flawless canvas for your makeup application.
  • Blur Pores and Fine Lines: Say goodbye to visible pores and fine lines with the RENEE Sucker Oil Pulling Stick. It effortlessly blurs imperfections, giving your skin an airbrushed appearance.
  • Reduce Shine from Excess Oil: Tired of battling with a shiny T-zone? This innovative primer helps control excess oil production, effectively reducing shine and leaving your skin with a fresh, matte finish.
  • Fresh and Radiant Complexion: Get ready to glow with confidence! The RENEE Sucker Oil Pulling Stick instantly revives your skin, making it look fresh, radiant, and full of life.
  • Quick and Easy Application: Thanks to its roll-on stick design, applying the primer is a breeze. Simply roll it onto your skin and enjoy the transformative effects within seconds.
  • Travel-Friendly: Take your beauty routine on the road with this travel-friendly oil pulling stick. Its compact size fits perfectly in your purse or travel bag, ensuring that you can maintain a flawless complexion wherever you go.


RENEE Sucker Oil Pulling stick, an innovative solution for achieving an oil-free and matte finish. Designed to combat shine and provide a smooth, non-greasy appearance, this product is your secret for flawlessly matte skin on the go. With just a simple swipe, RENEE Sucker Oil Pulling Stick’s specially formulated stick with argan oil & cocoa butter mattifies your skin, leaving it fresh and free from excess sebum. Gone are the days of worrying about midday touch-ups or carrying blotting papers everywhere you go. RENEE Sucker stick is here to ensure you’re always selfie-ready with a truly velvety-smooth and matte face. Its unique formula and convenient stick format make it a witty little miracle worker that allows your skin to shine in all the right ways. So go ahead, indulge in RENEE Sucker Oil Pulling stick and let it help you conquer the day with confidence.


  1. Roll on primer Instant Mattyfies
  2. Smoothen Skin Texture
  3. Enriched With Cocoa Butter, Argan & Macadamia Oil
  4. Reduce Shine Due To Excess Oil
  5. Reduce Blurs, Pores & Shine Oil


Open and twist up the stick. Apply directly to the targeted area & you’re good to go!



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