RENEE Hyper Gel Nail Paint 10ml


About This Product

  • Rich color with super-glossy effect
  • One stroke application
  • Long-lasting & smooth finish


Introducing the game-changing RENEE Hyper Gel Nail Paint, your ultimate weapon to dominate the nail game with style and flair! Crafted meticulously with a cutting-edge, high-coverage, and Hyper Gel Finish formula, these innovative nail paints elevate your manicure experience to unprecedented heights. Say goodbye to ordinary nail colors and embrace the power of long-lasting, salon-like perfection right in the comfort of your home. Unleash your creativity with a captivating array of rich colors that boast a mesmerizing super-glossy effect, ensuring your nails become a stunning focal point wherever you go. With just one effortless stroke, you can effortlessly achieve immaculate and seamless application, making even intricate designs a breeze to create.

Its unwavering commitment to quality and safety sets RENEE Hyper Gel Nail Paint apart. Not only do you get unparalleled results, but you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing these nail paints are entirely acetone-free and paraben-free. Embrace healthier nail care without compromising on performance or aesthetics. Experience the true power of beauty and self-expression with RENEE Hyper Gel Nail Paint. Revolutionize your nail routine and let your nails make an unforgettable statement, capturing attention and admiration at every turn. Embrace the long-lasting and smooth finish that withstands the challenges of daily life, leaving you with a confident and vibrant look that endures. Unveil your creativity, enhance your style, and admire your stunning, salon-worthy nails.


Apply the first coat at the center of the nail, follow-up with strokes on each side of the nail. Let it dry & apply a second coat if required



Additional information

Color Shade

Crimson Red, French Plum, Lime Green, Misty Rose, Onyx Black, Sage Grey, Toffee Brown


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