RENEE Marble Liquid Lipstick 4.5ml


About This Product

  • Elegant Marble-Matte Blend: Revel in rich colors enhanced by a mesmerizing marble-ous matte finish that catches the eye.
  • Flawless Longevity: Enjoy transfer-proof and smudge-free wear that ensures your look remains impeccable throughout the day.
  • Weightless All-Day Comfort: Experience the featherlight sensation of this long-lasting formula that keeps you feeling comfortable all day long.
  • Moisture-Infused Formula: Pamper your lips with a smooth, moisture-rich formula enriched with Vitamin E & Jojoba oil, providing both vibrant color and essential hydration.
  • Depth of Color Magic: Witness the magic as the marbleized texture transforms into a captivating matte shade, creating a stunning interplay of light and dark pigments for a unique depth of color.


This lipstick unveils a rich color spectrum, infused with the artistry of a transformative marbleized texture that metamorphoses into a captivating matte shade upon adorning your lips. Elevate your lip game with the magical fusion of light and dark pigments, painting your lips with an entrancing depth of color that’s nothing short of super cool. Embrace a beauty revelation with the remarkable benefits of RENEE Marble Liquid Lipstick.

Experience transfer-proof and smudge-free confidence that defies the rigors of everyday wear, ensuring your flawless look lasts all day. The weightless formulation graces your lips with long-lasting comfort, a feat made possible by the moisture-rich touch that envelopes them. Infused with the essence of Vitamin E, this lipstick isn’t just about aesthetic splendor – it’s a nourishing elixir that keeps your lips feeling hydrated. Engage in the unrivaled allure of RENEE Marble Liquid Lipstick, a beauty companion that stays steadfast for hours, its smooth finish untouched by smudging or fading. Immerse yourself in the elegance of this marble-ous innovation, seamlessly blending timeless charm with cutting-edge science. Don’t wait – seize the opportunity to enhance your lips with the exquisite touch of RENEE Marble Liquid Lipstick today.


Start applying from the center of the upper lip & move outwards along the lip contour, repeat the same for lower lip. Purse the lips together and you are done.

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Color Shade

01 Cara, 02 Stella, 03 Nora, 04 Bella


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