Rica Dark Chocolate Wax for Dry Skin, 800ml


  • Velvety texture is easy to apply
  • Natural beeswax protects and sooths
  • Vegetable oils leave skin smooth and silky
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Brand:: RICA


Product description

Liposoluble wax characteristics delight your senses with this naturally scented wax, reminiscent of carefree, summer days. A visually appealing red tone contributes to the sensorial impact. Ingredients-actions a fresh and sweet scent, reminiscent of carefree and summer days, to delight your senses. Titanium dioxide it produces a creamy and very gentle wax that reduces redness in even the most sensitive areas. The creamy and velvet texture is easy to spread and it guarantees an excellent grip less painful. Zinc oxide a very important ingredients thanks its absorbing and soothing properties. It permits to achieve a smooth and efficient depilation, time after time. Beeswax natural cosmetic element rich in mineral salts and proteins. It guarantees protection, nutrition and moisture. Mix of vegetable oils it’s our patented formula.



Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 13 cm


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