Skinn By Titan Mini Gift Set For Men & Women.

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About This Product

  • Verge fragrances: 25ml for men
  • Sheer fragrances: 25 ml for women
  • Long lasting and made with pure ingredients


VERGE – paints a picture of a classy outdoor day. Sparkling lemon coupled with exquisite aromatic accords and notes allied to leathery facets that are reminiscent of fresh grass. Verge is an adrenalin burst of freshness inspired by the distinctive elegance and exclusivity of the derby. Crafted by: Nadege Le Garletanzec,
SHEER – paints a picture of a glamorous Sunday brunch. With fresh green pear and cheerful red strawberries, the sweet top notes are complemented by the elegance of floral elements and a dash of pink pepper. The fragrance has been skilfully crafted to have a luxurious and cheerful warmth that stays with you. Crafted by: Nathalie Lorson



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Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15.5 × 8 cm


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