St. Botanica Oriental Botanics Relaxing Body Massage Oil 200ml


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  • ARE YOU SEEKING RELIEF FROM MUSCLE RELATED ACHES AND PAINS? Look no further! Relaxing Body Massage Oil by Oriental Botanics can provide soothing relief from muscle stiffness, soreness and more.
  • The relaxing massaging oil for athletes helps relax sore muscles, lead an active lifestyle, and relieve pain.
  • Oriental Botanics relaxing massage oil will allow your hands to glide smoothly and will leave the skin feeling soft, smooth & refreshed.
  • If you experience any pain from working all day or muscle soreness from intense workouts at the gym, our relaxing massage oil, made with 100% pure & natural ingredients, is the way to go.
  • NOTE – Due to its strong menthol properties, it is not to be used on forehead, neck or near the nose, eyes.
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This body massage oil is enriched with botanical elements that help in soothing the sore muscles and diminishing joint pain. It assists in relaxing the tired body.

Key Benefits

  • Pacifies and cools the sore muscles
  • Helps to minimize pain in muscles and joints
  • Assists in relaxation

This is a mix of organic cold-pressed oils and plant extracts with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Massaging with this oil helps to diminish pain in the back, legs, arms, knees, and body. A relaxing body massage helps spur blood circulation and strengthens the joints and muscles. It is an ideal massage oil for people involved in sporting activities and exhausting workouts. It relaxes the athletic muscles and helps in retaining them to their healthy state. This oil quickly penetrates the skin and delivers the bioactive compounds to the muscle tissues that help minimize discomfort in the muscles in a short time. It deeply hydrates the skin and softens the dry skin. Regular usage helps enhance the functions of your muscles and joints and improves the texture of your skin. This massage oil is suitable for everyone. Free from mineral oil, paraben, phthalate, sulfates, and toxic compounds, this is a 100% pure product. It is a vegan product and has not been tested on animals. Oriental Botanics is a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand.


  • Apply directly on sore muscles and massage gently for few minutes.
  • Use it as often as needed.


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