Sugar Cosmetics Blend Trend Foundation Brush – 052 Kabuki (1 pcs)

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  • deal for applying base makeup, this flat top kabuki brush ensures your foundation is blended right in and looks flawless
  • Be it liquid, powder or cream base makeup, this dense stippling brush allows controlled application, leaves no streaks behind and ensures even coverage
  • SUGAR Blend Trend Foundation Brush Kabuki 052 is packed with ultra-soft, 100% cruelty-free bristles that ensure precise makeup application
  • The expandable nylon mesh cover around each makeup brush helps to keep the brush clean, protected and the bristles in perfect shape, preserving the original quality of the brush
  • Easy to clean and durable, these makeup brushes are made with high-quality aluminum ferrules and premium wooden handles.


SUGAR Blend Trend Foundation Brush Kabuki 052.

Use this flat top kabuki brush as a powder or stippling brush to apply powder, cream and liquid base makeup formulas onto the skin without trapping or absorption of product. The ultra-soft, 100% cruelty-free bristles do not soak up excessive amounts of foundation like other makeup brushes. SUGAR Blend Trend Kabuki Face Brush comes with an expandable nylon mesh cover that preserves the original shape and quality of the bristles and brush and also keeps it protected from damage and dirt. It is crafted with lightweight, ergonomic wooden handle that gives you maximum control during makeup application.


Apply makeup to the brush. Buff onto the skin using circular motions.

Brush care: Clean the brush once a week with a makeup brush cleaner, baby shampoo or a mild cleanser. Rinse well and blot the excess water with a paper towel. Lay the brush flat to dry. Cover it with the mesh and store.

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Dimensions 23 × 9 × 2.8 cm


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