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Syska HT300 Hair and Beard Trimmer (Black)

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  • 20 length settings with 0.5-10mm (0.5mm precision)
  • Skin friendly stainless steel blades for effective trimming
  • In-built adjustable comb for desired length settings
  • Charging time up to 8 hours with up to 35 minutes working time
  • Rounded blade teeth for smooth skin contact
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Product description

Making a good first impression is extremely important and having styled beard makes all the difference. A trip to the barber can be costly and they may take a lot of time. No more! Shaping your beard is now hassle-free with the UltraTrim BeardPro. Say goodbye to imperfect lines and untidy beards with a beard trimmer like no other. The high quality trimming blades are designed for a safe, easy and hygienic trimming experience. Are you ready to enjoy the ease of trimming with the Syska UltraTrim BeardPro?

From the manufacturer

Jog Dial for Easy Length Settings

HT300 beardpro comes with an easy jog dial with 20 lock-in length settings, 1mm-10mm with 0.5mm precision for the desired look. Also, if you remove the comb you will get 0.5mm trim.

Skin Friendly Self-Sharpening Blades

The Syska ultratrim beardpro comes with skin friendly stainless steel blades for a smooth trimming experience. The blades have a unique self-sharpening technology wherein the blades brush against each other, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay sharp and effective from 1st use.

In-Built Stubble Comb

HT300 comes with an in-built stubble comb, so no hassle of carrying different combs and you can get any desired look anywhere, in no time.

Be Hassle-Free with a Long Lasting Battery and Cordless Use

No hassles of a cord or any wires to be attached while using. Plug the trimmer in for 8 hours and get up to 35 minutes of continuous use.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

HT300 comes with removable washable head. Just remove the comb head and wash it under the tap for quick and easy cleaning. Leave it to dry for a while and it is ready to be used again. You can also use the provided cleaning brush to remove all hair or dust.

Crafted in Korea

Crafted in Korea with the latest technology and expertise.

LED Indicator

The LED indicator lets you know when it is charging by a red color light and when it is on.

In-Built Stand

HT300 has an in-built stand for easy storage.

Say No to Nicks and Cuts

HT300 comes with rounded blade teeth for smooth skin contact and perfectly shaped beard without any nicks and cuts.

Ergonomic Design

It is designed for comfortable grip and making it easy to reach the difficult areas for trimming.



Additional information

Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 4 cm


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