Syska SH7200 Shaver (Black)


  • 360 degree complete acute shaving system
  • Self sharpening technology for shaving blades; Pop-up trimmer
  • LED charging indicator, Water Proof: No
  • Charging time: Upto 8 hours, working time: up to 40 minutes
  • Contact_us on: [ 1800 102 8787 ]
  • Pop-up trimmer

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Product description

For a man, shaving is the best way to express his style quotient. Syska brings to you “AcuSharp” – a shaver that gives you a refreshing and smooth shaving experience and allows you to express your masculinity effortlessly with the triple head high precision ultra-thin shaving blades and a 360-degree shaving system.. Trim, shave or simply clean conveniently! So, now style up without any hassles.

From the manufacturer

SensoCut for Close & Comfortable Shave

Faster, sharper and much smoother, the triple head dual track shaving system with high performance technology called SensoCut which gives a close & comfortable shave without any nicks or cuts.

Skin Friendly Self-Sharpening Blades

The Syska AcuSharp comes with skin friendly stainless steel blades for a smooth trimming experience. The blades have a unique self-sharpening technology wherein the blades brush against each other, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay sharp and effective from 1st use.

Dual Track 360° Rotary Shaver

The two shaving tracks with 360° rotary shaving system offer fast and close shave in lesser time. The first ultra-thin blade helps to raise the hair and cuts off the thick and long hair whereas the second set cut the minutest hairs to give you a clean detailed shave.

Wet & Dry Use

With the AcuSharp SH7200 you can shave wet – with gel or foam or dry for easy & quick shave.

3D Floating Head

3D floating head ensures close skin contact and adapts to the contours for a fast and close shave even on neck and jaw line.

Pop-up Sideburns Trimmer

The pop-up trimmer helps you to seamlessly groom your sideburns as well as your mustache.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

SH7200 comes with washable & openable shaver head. Just open the head and wash under the tap for quick & easy cleaning. Leave it to dry for a while & it is ready to be used again. You can also use the provided cleaning brush to remove all hair or dust.

Charging LED Indicator

Simply plug your shaver and the LED will indicate when the Shaver is getting charged.

IntelliSense for Optimum Performance

IntelliSense is a chip which monitors the RPM of the blade & gives long lasting optimum performance.

Be Hassle-Free with Long Lasting Battery Life & Cordless Use

The SH7200 AcuSHarp has a long lasting battery life. Just plug in for 8 Hours and get up to 40 minutes of continuous use. No hassles of a cord or any wires to be attached while using.

Travel Friendly

You can carry your shaver wherever you go as its light in weight & comes with a travel pouch & protection cap which keeps all dust, dirt and bacteria away.

Minimum No. of Shaves

The powerful battery gives 40 minutes of shaving time – considering, 1 shave = 3mins then you get around 13+ shaves, after just 8 hours of charging.

Warranty & Crafted in Korea

2 Years Warranty for complete peace of mind & crafted in Korea with the latest technology and expertise.



Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 30 cm


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