• With the make-up brush cleaner mat you can use any soap, shampoo or natural cleaning solution.
  • The smaller knobs on the top are used for foaming & Lathering, the grooves at the bottom are used to clean the bristles and release dirt and oils.
  • The cleanser mat also re-aligns the bristles without stripping them
  • Made of high quality material
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Brand:: VEGA



A very useful tool to thoroughly clean the hair of your makeup brushes and make the cleaning process easy and convenient. Dotted area on the top is for foaming and lathering and the groove at the bottom helps to clean the hair of the brushes.
Additional Information: Vega is inspired by everything classy, stylish and confident for the women. They believe in making innovations and becoming a style companion for those women who believe in themselves. They provide a wide range of innovative and affordable beauty accessory tools and personal care appliances from Head to Toe to the Indian consumer.
The latest innovation from house of Vega is the make-up brush cleaner mat. A make-up lover’s best friend. Now you can wear as many looks as you like without worrying about cleaning your make-up brushes. A compact, easy, quick and effective tool to clean your make-up brushes. It reduces the need for repeated use of brush cleaning solutions which can dry out bristles. Must have for your make-up pouch.



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Weight .18 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 6 cm


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