WOW Skin Science Gold Clay Face Mask – 100 ML


  • Improves skin by moisturizing, pore refining, puffiness reducing, blood circulation boosting and cleansing action.
  • Powered with Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Gold Montmorillonite Clay, Gold Mica Powder, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E.
  • Makes skin smoother, silkier, more youthfully radiant.
  • Suits all skin types. Contains no harmful parabens or mineral oils.

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WOW Skin Science Gold Clay Face Mask provides repairing, cleansing, nourishing and balancing skincare.  Its advanced formulation contains three pure, natural and mineral-rich clays – Light Kaolin, Bentonite & Gold Montmorillonite. It also contains fine Gold Mica, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid for glow-boosting, anti-aging and hydrating effect. Its exfoliating and polishing action helps refine pores and reduces puffiness. Applied on the skin, this face mask formulation makes skin smoother, silkier and youthfully radiant.



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